Sustainability is one of the most important aspects of our Bluehaven Group developments.

To be truly sustainable we must take into consideration the economic, environmental and social elements involved. These pillars of sustainability are what ensures our communities continue to thrive for future generations to come. 

Providing workplace opportunities for our people.
It is hugely important to us that we maintain and grow the developments economic stability – providing employment for the people of the community, that is close to home and further supports the progression of the neighbourhood. Our local hubs, Excelsa Centre and The Town Centre will continue to create employment opportunities for residents as they progress. 

Keeping our environment top of mind!
Our focus, of course, includes environmental awareness. As the company in charge of the largest urban development in the Eastern Bay of Plenty, we have a responsibility to create our communities with high attention paid to environmental stability and prosperity. We put a huge emphasis on the planting and wildlife around our communities to ensure that we are not only improving the outdoor surroundings but also the quality of the water. Our waterways and storm water catchments are designed in a way that naturally treats and filters the water resulting in higher quality water and rich soil.

Our sustainable practices safeguard our environment through the design of a development that uses less energy and waste allowing for more time spent protecting our environment. 

A community to be proud of – here’s how we give back.
We are also aware of the importance of fostering a sustainable community through the way in which we give back. We choose to invest directly in the growth and well-being of our people through local sponsorship. Our sponsorship is carefully thought out to include and support all areas of our community from Golden Sands Primary School and Cycling Kids through to the Papamoa Rotary club – we are proud to support local!

It is our responsibility to create an urban development that our future generations can prosper in. One where they will thank us for our conscious efforts toward designing our surroundings, with the idea of protecting them in mind.