Bluehaven Group have introduced over 2,300 new houses to the Golden Sands community in Pāpāmoa, Tauranga. They proudly offer a variety of quality housing options to everyone from first home buyers, young professionals, families to empty nesters, investors, lock & leave holiday homes and retirees. There are housing options for everyone.

The Golden Sands development area is currently one of the fastest urban growth areas in New Zealand. The total population of Pāpāmoa is forecast to reach 53,900 by 2028 which will be predominately driven by strong residential growth, introduced by Bluehaven Group.

An additional 2,000 new homes have been planned and consented within Golden sands and are scheduled to be delivered in the upcoming years.

Through providing such a wide variety of residential living options, Bluehaven Group enable residents the chance to transition from one property to another as their own needs change, yet ensure they can always retain their connections within the Golden Sands community in Pāpāmoa, Tauranga. Bluehaven Group’s housing strategy ensures that there is an option to suit everyone, throughout every stage of their lives, a fundamental element in the successful creation of an enduring and connected community.

The housing typologies that currently exist in Golden Sands include beachfront, suburban housing, retirement village, leasehold (affordable) lifestyle villages, terraced housing, high density urban housing and duplexes, with an abundance of apartments to come in the future.

Our East Quarter development within Golden Sands truly accentuates this residential vision, combining freestanding medium density homes, duplexes, terraced houses and smaller apartment complexes all centred around a large community reserve and adjacent to The Sands Town Centre. Stage 1 was titled in August 2021 with construction of the homes to begin immediately and Stage 2 will follow later in 2022. Stages 3-6 will be complete over the coming years and on completion, East Quarter will be home to over 300 new residences.

This is further complimented by Stage 60 which is also currently underway and comprises of mainly terraced homes that are also within walking distance to The Sands. We look forward to these terraced houses in Golden Sands beginning construction in mid 2022.

Goldensands Aerial 26.11.2022 (25) copy
Goldensands Aerial 26.11.2022 (17) copy

Bluehaven Group work with a range of build partners to deliver the various housing options in Golden Sands.

These builders understand the comprehensive building covenants and "Developer Design Guidelines" that control the materials that can be used on the properties and the way the building can be designed.

These building covenants are designed to protect the value of your most important asset, your family home.

Below are just a few examples of homes that have been built here in Golden Sands with more exciting designs and housing options to come in the near future.

Barrett Terrace Views
Barrett Homes - Stage 60 Render - Carronade St copy
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residential property developer papamoa
Medium Density Pano Cropped
Medium Density New - Freestanding
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Dunes Show Home