Bluehaven Group recognise the importance of fostering strong partnerships in order to grow. These partnerships are established on a shared understanding of our values, objectives, efforts and goals. 

Partnerships can come in many forms, and at Bluehaven Group we place equal importance on relationships with our staff, statutory authorities, tangata whenua, banks, co-investors, tenants, consultants and contractors.

A community to be proud of – here’s how we give back.
We are also aware of the importance of fostering a sustainable community through the way in which we give back. We choose to invest directly in the growth and well-being of our people through local sponsorship. Our sponsorship is carefully thought out to include and support all areas of our community from Golden Sands Primary School and Cycling Kids through to the Papamoa Rotary club – we are proud to support local!

It is our responsibility to create an urban development that our future generations can prosper in. One where they will thank us for our conscious efforts toward designing our surroundings, with the idea of protecting them in mind.